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Thank you for your interest in EARC! We are no longer taking applications for our 2023 season. If you are interested in joining us for Summer 2024, please check back in January 2024 for updates on our hiring process! 

The link to apply is located at the bottom of the page. Please read the information below before applying. 

EARC Lifeguard Job Description  // EARC Facility Manager Description


EARC prides itself on providing a welcoming atmosphere for our members, their guests, and our staff.  If you are interested in joining the 2023 EARC staff team and have questions, please email us at HR@earcpool.com.

We balance our compensation rates based upon a combination of “the going rate in the area” as well as the knowledge that our private, limited membership/capacity makes for a more ‘tranquil’ work experience versus other pools.

 The minimum age for lifeguard employment in NC is 15 years old – please be of this age on or before May 25th 2023. 

Parents, please do not contact on behalf of your child.  We take into account your child’s ability to advocate for themselves and complete the application process in our determination for potential employment. Your child needs to reach out and carry out all aspects of the hiring process independently.

For the 2023 season, the pay rate for guards will start at $13.00 and range up to $20.00 per hour depending upon level of experience and responsibility (wages for more experienced guards and management will fall between this range and will be determined upon employment).  

If you wish to be considered for a facilities manager, assistant manager or head guard, please email a cover letter speaking to your leadership skills and ability to think on your feet and act independently in a variety of circumstances both with the pool, its equipment, and the patrons of EARC. You may state “sent email” in the cover letter section of the application.

We will be onboarding employees and their tax documents electronically this year so please only fill out the application and/or email HR@earcpool.com if you have any preliminary questions before applying.

Update 4/15/23: We are no longer taking applications for the 2023 season.

Staff 2023 Application Form can be accessed by clicking here.


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