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Thank you for your interest in joining EARC!
Memberships for the 2023 season are available to returning members now!

Join Our Waitlist

The EARC is currently on a waitlist for membership. EARC membership numbers are capped to allow for a “comfortable fullness” for our members and their guests.  Each year the previous season’s membership is given first opportunity to rejoin for the following year (cutoff is normally mid-March each Spring).  After this initial period, open spots are offered in groupings to persons on our waitlist (each time the group is given a few days to respond before moving down the list).  This process took a little over 2 weeks in 2022 and we were at capacity by April 4th.  The waitlist carries over from year to year and is continually added to as persons contact us year around to be added onto it.

Although our waitlist is extensive, you must be on it in order to join EARC in the future.

If you have already joined our waitlist, your application and position can be found by clicking here

How the waitlist works:

After we know how members are returning to the pool for the 2023, we fill remaining membership openings from the waitlist and offer memberships families/individuals on the waitlist. In addition to being emailed, any updates to the renewal process for people on the waitlist will be posted here as well.

Waitlist FAQs

What is the fee to join/remain on the waitlist?

We charge a nonrefundable $50 fee to anyone wishing to join or remain on the waitlist for the 2023 season and beyond. You can pay your waitlist fee on the website.

What does my number mean / What are my chances for next year?

That cannot be answered for sure as every year is slightly different and there has been increased fluctuations in the recent past both due to COVID concerns and new this year a greater uncertainty and impact from inflation/economic effects.

What we can provide is insight into the past couple of years:

Following our sending out our initial February 28th, 2022 email covering the waitlist process for Spring 2022, EARC went through 194 waitlist spots in order to fill what was 64 openings in our membership base for the 2022 season.

These 64 openings reflect 16% of our total membership. In a “normal” year we’re closer to a 20% turnover rate which would have been ~79 spots opening. However in 2021, EARC had closer to a 40% turnover rate following a year of remaining closed during the first summer of COVID so there is some question as to what is the ‘new normal’ turnover rate.

In a “normal year” we also usually go through 1/3rd of the waitlist names to fill empty spots but (as you see from above) in 2022 we used over 3 times more names to fill the 64 openings.

Join our Waitlist

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