Grill Rental

Did you forget to add a grill when you booked your EARC pool party? You can add it to your party by purchasing one here.

After Hours Pool Parties

Includes 2 hours of pool time and covered space staffed with minimum of 2 guards, access to pool, grounds, and use of the larger deck area.
Up to 40 attendees (members or non-members/swimmers or non-swimmers), can be expanded by 15 person groups for $85 per grouping. After hours parties can be booked from 8-10 pm Monday-Saturday, and from 10:30-12:30 on Sundays (excluding any holidays).

Pool Parties during Daytime/Regular Hours – Weekdays

Includes 2 hours of pool time under covered picnic space, and access to pool and grounds for up to 15 non-member swimmers. Members must complete a guest list prior to the start of their event and provide the list to the guards.